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Geotecnica is a specialized civil engineering company that offers a wide variety of geotechnical services, committed to integrity, quality and safety of each of its clients. 


The company is driven by standards of excellence and quality lead by highly qualified experts, implementing state-of-the-art technologies, and backed-up by years of experience in the consulting and construction industry. Geotecnica was established in Atlanta, GA, USA with the purpose to leave a global imprint in the field of geotechnical engineering. The vision of the firm is to contribute as much as possible within the geo-profession. Its strategic alliance with remarkable companies and expert engineers in geotechnics, asphalt, concrete, and specialized laboratory testing allows Geotecnica to offer a variety of services. 


Provide specialized geotechnical engineering services to offer trust to clients in their requirements


Geotecnica was established with the purpose to contribute as much as possible within the field of geotechnical engineering






Geotecnica is committed to offer a quality service to its clients helping them find optimal, flexible and safe solutions according to their requirements, delivering services in a timely manner with a philosophy of continuous improvement through the learning and training of its staff.   


Therefore, the firm is committed to the following objectives:    

       Staff improvement through continuous training according to the areas and functions performed.


       Commitment from its president to constantly support the process of implementation of the quality management system. 


       Evaluate the degree of satisfaction of external and internal customers on a regular basis in order to improve its services. 


       Plan the projects with a focus on risk-based thinking in order to minimize the threats and enhance the opportunities in each challenge.

       Expand services globally in a planned, organized and standardized manner. 

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